Seeking Help from Lawyers When Buying One of the Many Homes for Sale in Oxford, Al

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Buying homes for sale in Oxford Al

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The time when computer systems analyst Jeff Anderson bought a home he found in the list of homes for sale in Oxford, Al, he never had second thoughts on calling in for a seasoned business lawyer who can assist and guide him.

Mr. Anderson was a first-time home buyer who had been asked by the seller or the house owner to pay a thousand dollars for property taxes as a reimbursement pay because the seller already paid the remaining property taxes for that year. Such demand from the seller took Mr. Anderson and his wife by surprise. They were on a tight budget in buying a house and they thought that a tax worth of thousand dollars was too heavy for them.

With the help of the business lawyer who is experienced in real estate transactions, they found out that the house owner was actually in debt of less than $600 in unpaid property taxes when the lawyer made an inquiry from the city. It was the seller’s obligation to pay the final taxes, not a responsibility from the new buyer. The seller’s declared thousand dollars taxes were part of her scheme to get extra money from the buyer. She thought she could take advantage from a first-time home buyer. But Mr. Anderson was known to be a very cautious man especially when there are undertakings where money is involved. He learned the value of hiring a lawyer during the home-buying process. He considered it as part of being a prudent and conscientious home buyer.

The house seller was sent a letter by the lawyer requesting her to clear her outstanding taxes as soon as possible and provide a proof of her payment. The seller agreed to the request as she was guilty and afraid that her non-compliance might bring her to bigger problems. So the sale was being pushed through and Mr. Anderson went through the dealings with the insights of his lawyer.

In many instances, home buyers do not find it necessary to hire a lawyer because they don’t want to spend much on legal fees. Many first time buyers could have taken whatever the seller demands from them just to make a smooth closing. Sometimes they are overcast with excitement and anxiety when buying their first house, which makes it easy to overlook the unfavorable terms. Later they realize that they could have saved a thousand dollars tax if they took time to discern things and seek consultation beforehand.

Even the gurus from the realty business with knowledge of homes for sale in Oxford AL would say to any home buyer that a real estate lawyer or a business lawyer is not a cost they should skimp about. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial transactions a person can ever make in his lifetime, and it is worth to ensure that everything is done accordingly and that the buyers’ interests are always protected.

Mr. Anderson has taught us that we should not wait until closing to bring up issues. Working with an advisor in the early stages of home buying process can make a big difference. It can save us from any risks and mistakes.